7 Things You Didn’t Know About CCMA Nominee Dean Brody

Dean Brody

Country singer Dean Brody has been having a fantastic year. Brody’s fifth studio album Gyspy Road was released back in April of 2015 to critical acclaim and recently won Country Album Of The Year at the 2016 JUNO Awards. On top of that, Brody is tied with Brett Kissell for the most CCMA nominations, with five nominations. Brody will compete for Fans’ Choice, Male Artist of the Year, Single of the Year, Interactive Artist of the Year and Record Producer of the Year.

Brody’s success has thrusted him into country stardom. But did you know these 7 interesting facts about Dean Brody?

1) Before being a musician, Dean Brody worked at a local sawmill

Starting at age 16, Brody starting working at the sawmill in his hometown of Jaffray British Columbia. Brody also took shifts at the mill in 2006 after leaving Nashville when his first attempt at being a musician failed. I think it’s safe to say that his days at the sawmill are long gone. Source

2) He had to undergo reconstructive surgery after a water skiing incident

In 2008, shortly before the release of his debut single “Brothers”, Brody was injured in a water skiing accident on the Potomac River, which resulted in him having to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery. According to an interview, Brody needed three titanium plates and twelve screws in his face. Source

3) He HATES line cutters

According to an interview with, Brody cites line cutters as being his biggest pet peeve. When asked to elaborate, he said that line cutters “give us a clue as to who would be the first to initiate the breakdown of civilized behavior in a crisis”. I guess we all know what not to do around Dean! Source

4) He can juggle

During an interview with Canadian Beats, Brody said his hidden talent is juggling. He says that “it’s one of the few remaining things I remember from college”. Source

5) His daughter taught him ukulele

ukeleleDean Brody has his daughter to thank for his hit single “Upside Down”. In an interview, Brody admitted that his daughter taught him three cords on her “yellow ukulele with a dolphin on it”. Looks like musical talent runs in the family! Source

6) He is a humanitarian

With a daughter of his own, Brody has set up the Dean Brody Foundation, which was established to help in the rescue and prevention of young girls exploited in child prostitution and human trafficking in Brazil. Brody says he created the foundation after reading the book “Remember Me Rescue Me”, by Matt Roper. Source

7) He loves antiques

Vintage Antique pocket watch. Vintage grunge still life.In a interview with the Marc and Mandy Show, Brody expressed his interest in antiquing. When not touring or recording, Brody loves to visit fleas markets across the country to find unique treasures to refurbish. Brody says that his Novia Scotia home is filled with antiques that him and his wife have acquired over the years. Source

All in all, Dean Brody is a country star that has managed to stay grounded. Watch Dean Brody alongside some of the best in country music at the 2016 CCMAs, which will take place on September 11th. Read our original story on all of the CCMA nominees here


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