Mid-2015 Aristomedia International Report

The AristoMedia Group has released the Mid-Year 2015 Aristo International Report, which is now available per the link below.

Highlights in the mid-2015 issue include:

• A recap of the recent GlobaLive! International Showcase in Nashville, which includes a photo gallery of artist performances
• A rundown of the CCMA (Canada) nominations
• An Executive Q&A with The Agency Group’s Nick Meinema
• A review of the recent CMA International Award presentations
• A feature on Judy Seale, the recent recipient of The Commander’s Award for Exceptional Support of Service Members
• Around the world coverage from Australia, Canada, U.K., U.S. and other territories

The AristoMedia Group has issued a quarterly review of global activities since 2008. The report is distributed to executives, artists and media representatives in the United States and worldwide.

News items/press releases and photos for the next Aristo International Report may be submitted to

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AristoMedia Group is a Nashville-based entertainment marketing company founded in 1980 by Jeff Walker. Walker was inspired to create a company that would embody an “umbrella approach,” therefore offering clients a diverse selection of functions within one company. Starting out as a publicity firm, the company has expanded to services that include public relationsvideo promotiondigital marketing and web development, radio promotion, dance club promotion, and international & domestic consulting. AristoMedia prides itself on being a “one-stop shop” that allows clients to select any or all of the services that are offered. By adapting to the changes in the music industry, AristoMedia Group has continued to be a recognized force in music marketing even three decades after its establishment.

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