Lindsay Ell’s Country Debut

Lindsay Ell "Worth the Wait"

Canadian artist Lindsay Ell has been one of Nashville’s greatest hidden gems since the release of her first single “Trippin’ On Us” in 2013 via Stoney Creek Records. Over the next four years, she released three more singles followed by the release of her first six track EP titled “Worth the Wait” on March 24. Produced by Sugarland’s male counterpart, Grammy Award Winning musician Kristian Bush, “Worth the Wait” absolutely lives up to the anticipation! With bluesy guitar riffs and even a John Mayer cover, Lindsay Ell shows the power of not only a female artist, but a female guitarist. Prior to this release, Ell has already shown the world her abilities playing alongside stars such as Brad Paisley. “Worth the Wait” is just another example of Ell’s raw talent and unique sound.

Highlight Tracks

We had a few tracks that absolutely stood out as favorites!

Worth the Wait” the EP’s title track was co-written with Travis Meadows and proves to be an emotional hard-hitter. Ell takes us on a journey of heart-felt desperation and longing for someone’s trust in a relationship.

The EP’s third track “Space” is a blues influenced piece written by Caitlyn Smith, Maggie Chapman, and Heather Morgan. This song gives the listener a look into the heartbreak that makes it hard to breathe and being alone a haunting experience.  Ell gives an incredible vocal performance, displaying the range and depth to her voice.

Waiting on You” is one of those feel good songs that you want to listen to while you are driving with the windows down. With a fun beat led by Ell’s bright finger-picking, it’s no surprise this track earned the first place on the EP! This song gives Ell an opportunity to show off her witty lyric writing abilities while calling out a love who doesn’t quite know what he wants.

Overall, the EP was a fantastic start for Lindsay. We keep getting the funny sense that we have a rising star on our hands…

Author: Karys Rowe

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