Hayley Wilson Releases ‘Further Than Forever’ feat. ‘Somnus’

Burgeoning songwriter Hayley Wilson will release her album Further Than Forever on February 24, 2017. The album was produced by great Australian country luminary Karl Broadie, whose guidance can be heard on a many number of classic recordings and gifted artist Glen Hannah who’s credits include Passenger, Kasey Chambers and Suzie Demarchi. ‘Somnus’ the first cut from the album is at radio today and available on iTunes as an Instant Grat track when fans pre-order the album.

“I did not expect Somnus to be on this album. It was written about 3 weeks before I was due to record again in Sydney and it ended up replacing another song. It started out as an acoustic track but turned into one of the darkest songs on the whole album and it quickly became one of my favorites. I was able to capture the previous few months of my life in the mood and lyrics of Somnus.”


It was a long and winding road that brought Hayley Wilson to the release of her debut record. The genesis of her sublime songbook, Further Than Forever, can be traced back to guitar lessons from her brother at age 11. The Mt Isa native would dedicate the ensuing years to mastering her voice, guitar and piano, marching ever forward towards the creation of a debut release.

They say everything happens for a reason and Wilson’s decision to deliver Further Than Forever as her opening musical statement has proved the right one. These 10 songs, which feature Aleyce Simmonds and Luke O’Shea amongst their collaborators, are laced with gorgeous arrangements and instrumentation.

“I feel very relieved to be finally releasing my debut album, it has been about two years in the making and there have been many obstacles along the way so I am proud to have it completed,” the sweet-voiced songwriter says. “However I also feel quite nervous now because so much has gone into this album, so many great people have been a part of creating it and I just want it to do well.”
The album is a document of lessons learned about life and love, and announces the arrival of an artist with a timeless approach to country music. Broadie mentored Wilson right up until his untimely passing in April 2016. Accomplished producer Glen Hannah saw the album through to completion.

“Karl has been one of my greatest mentors and influences,” Wilson says. “He taught me so much more than just songwriting, he always inspired me to do and be more. Karl has taught me to trust in myself, trust in my own unique songwriting process and that quality is better than quantity when it comes to writing songs that open up your heart and make people feel something.”

Further Than Forever is a sublime collection of songs, some effortlessly melodic and upbeat while others, like the lilting ballad ‘Stay Where You Are’ and closer, ‘Somnus’, are impossibly beautiful. Wilson’s resilience to the slings and arrows of womanhood is front and centre, wrapped in a pure voice that’s honey to the ears.

One gets the sense that Broadie would be proud too. And, while the road may always wind, it’s apparent that Wilson has found a way into the future and, perhaps, to make up for lost time. As the young songwriter coos in ‘On & On’: “It’s better to be rolling on than staring at the sky, letting the days get away and life pass you by…”


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