Country Music Tech: RadioPlayer Canada Launches

RadioPlayer Canada sees positivity from consumers.

RadioPlayer Canada is now inadvertently a new branch of support for country music listeners across the nation. RadioPlayer has already had a presence overseas through RadioPlayer UK. It’s a service that provides the radio DJ’s an audience across the nation as well a place for fans to connect with new music and DJ personalities across the country.

Canada has had increasing support of the country music industry over the last decade. There’s been an increase in musicians and fans alike as the genre begins to expand internationally.

About the App

RadioPlayer Canada is available for download on both iPhone and Android. It offers a wide variety of stations by offering listeners a choice of over 400 stations. People now have a chance to listen to radio with more than just a dial in their car — it’s hosted over cloud services.

Among many other initiatives, RadioPlayer will start storing content so that listeners can review previous episodes/shows they missed. This really creates a catalog of depth for listeners and radio stations that has not previously been offered before. According to their website the stations can be discovered through favorites in your search, recommendations based on listening history, geographical location, as well as crowd-sourced trending.

The app offers radio stations in both English and French, as well as stations in nearly any category. Check it out – discover a new station and tell us about it!



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