Cass Eager House Show Tour

Cass Eager has been busy playing shows and festivals such as Gympie Muster in QLD, Winter Blues Festival in VIC, and with Irish Mythen at Camelot. Now, she’s looking to tour in a more personal setting by playing in different peoples’ houses. Cass eager is looking to tour from November 17 – December 11, with the deadline for host requests being October 17. Class is also looking to do an Autumn House Concert Tour from April 27 – May 14 with the deadline for host requests being March 1.

Cass is willing to travel far and wide to provide a more intimate setting in her shows. She’s hoping to have a casual setting in people’s living rooms and backyards, providing a good atmosphere to get to know her better and hang out with the people around you. All of the admission to shows will be donation based, which means hosting a show will be at no cost! House shows are an intimate and cozy way to listen to live music with food, drinks, and conversation. Cass says on her website that…

“Hosting a house concert is an experience you will never forget. A house concert can be…
• an alternative to going out on a Friday night
• a concert under the stars in your backyard
• a reason to get all your friends together
• a way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion
• an opportunity to enjoy music with friends at home”

It can be as few as 20 people, and there will be no up front cost to you! If you want to host a show get in contact with Cass Eager on her website and she will give you a Host Guide and get back with you as soon as possible! Check out a video of her last solo performance down below to see what you have to look forward to!

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