Adam Brand endorses CMC via Selfie Video

Adam Brand endorses the Country Music Channel Awards with a charming selfie video on a sunny afternoon. As of February 17, the CMC Awards have been open for voting. The awards are based on fan-only votes with over eight categories to choose from: CMC International Artist Of The Year, CMC Male Australian Artist Of The Year, CMC Female Australian Artist Of The Year, CMC New Artist Of The Year, CMC Group or Duo Of The Year, CMC Australian Video Of The Year, CMC International Video Of The Year and the major award, CMC Australian Artist Of The Year.  source

Adam Brand takes a moment to show his love for the awards, the ceremony, and a few of the performers to appear on stage that night. His charm is captured perfectly as he captures his enthusiasm for the celebration that will take place in just a little over one month from now. Check out the video below!

His  single “Get on Your Feet” can be found here!

You can find more on Adam Brand on Facebook and Twitter

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